We are a team of individuals who embrace a healthy lifestyle and embody healthy living. We’ve come together to share the love of our way of life. We choose food that is high in nutrients to feed ourselves, our families and our friends. Want to know more? Contact us today.

The Opportunity

So many of us have freed ourselves from the chains of the 9 to 5 and have transformed our love and passion for healthy living into helping others.

Carole Amos

After watching my sister lose 10 lbs and my brother in law lose 20 lbs they had my attention. My husband had started the program a few months prior but not for weight loss. He is a cancer survivor and at the time of diagnosis also found out he had high cholesterol. He wanted something that would be easy to get the good nutrition he knew he needed to be putting into his body. Over a year later he has been able to keep his body alkaline (which is important for cancer survivors ) and has lowered his cholesterol to where his Dr. no longer wants to put him on a stain and he feels great. I have a medical background so was skeptical as to how this nutritional cleansing worked. But after reading and talking to my sister I finally decided to take the plunge and could not be more thankful. I had lost weight after having my second child but never was able to get back down to the weight I wanted to be at and was constantly struggling with being tired … especially chasing two small kids around. I woke up almost every night about 2 or 3 am and had trouble going back to sleep once my mind starting going. After just a few weeks on the program I could tell a huge difference I had lost weight had more energy and realized I was sleeping through the night. A year later I’ve kept off the 13 lbs I lost and have more energy and sleep great. I’m so incredibly thankful to have something I know is the best nutrition that my whole family can use. – Dr. Carole A. Veterinarian 

PD – I spent months going to the gym with little to no results. I’ve tried everything from GNC to Green Juice, low carb, low fat; you name it and nothing seemed to work consistently. I experienced nagging discomfort in joints, low energy levels and struggled to sleep through the night. After just a short few weeks of eating this nutritious superfood and changing nothing else; I increased my lean muscle mass, experienced a significant improvement in energy levels and also improved in many other health areas. Best of all I experienced a significant reduction in my waist. What I have found amazing is that Isagenix is easily compatible with any nutritional lifestyle whether low carb, keto, low fat, vegan or whatever your goals and needs are; Isagenix can be customized to provide you with optimal nutrition. 
If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you have to settle for the ordinary!!! I was tired of the ordinary and same reasons, so I made a change! A change I’m so glad I made. – Jim “PD” H. 

Jim PD Hubbard
Shelby Wade

Shelby – I finally said yes to this amazing nutrition in July 2014.  I was a skeptic at first because I already ate so clean due to having two autoimmune diseases and a hormone imbalance.  I didn’t want to tell anyone that I was giving this nutritional cleanse and replenishment program a shot.  But then I started noticing changes.  I was a lot less stressed and no longer suffering from road rage (a very BIG win because I really didn’t like that side of me).  I also had a lot more energy and started consistently waking up before my alarm clock went off, without feeling tired.  When I started running into people I knew and they would say I had a “glow”, I had to start sharing.  I realized it wasn’t about me and it wasn’t fair to not tell everyone I know about this amazing, easy way to fuel your body with what it craves.  ~ Shelby W.

Meet the Leaders

Meet Kim: Kim has been in the health and wellness field for 20 plus years and had a long career as Wellness Director with a Hospital / YMCA wellness collaboration here in Charlotte.  When her daughter became very sick and was diagnosed with an inflammatory Auto Immune illness she went into research mode. After much research –  our family was thrilled to find an easy solution to this massive problem. 3 years later, Zoe remains in remission.  Kim also found a gift to share with other people to help them transform their health. Kim found a gift for myself- the ability to become part of a global MISSION -a movement- that is changing the health and wealth of this country.

Meet Elaine: Elaine, a former corporate executive, who was introduced to Isagenix in 2013 after suffering from a hormone imbalance. Elaine loved the product and slowly started to share it with friends while she worked her corporate job. After leaving corporate America, she began her journey building her Isagenix business where she has embraced a “Weekend Lifestyle”. Elaine’s positive attitude comes alive in all that she does. Elaine is a mom to two girls and happily married. She loves working out and spending time with friends.

Meet Karen: Karen, a former photographer, was introduced to Isagenix in 2014 after suffering for several years with low energy, immediately saw results and increased energy. Karen was so excited about the results that she experienced she immediately started sharing the product with others. Two years later Karen’s business is growing. She loves working with busy fellow moms who struggle to find work/life balance, who want to get healthy, and be able to become a present mom who works from home. Karen is a mother of 2 and loves playing tennis and spending time with her family.